Dress shopping

When I was a little girl and my grandma would babysit me, I remember a few special occasions at the grocery store when she would buy me a bridal magazine and a pack of orange bubblegum. I loved looking at the dresses, like most little girls. But as I got older and lived up my single life, I didn’t think much more about my wedding, much less the type and style of the dress I would wear. I don’t know bridal gown designers and just recently learned the difference between an “A-line” and a “fit and flare”

This past June, recently after we got engaged, I went dress shopping with my mom, sister Erin, and Grandma Bernice. I made an appointment at Little White Dress http://www.lwdbridal.com in the Highlands and another later appointment at Davids Bridal https://www.davidsbridal.com Little White Dress was a cute but crowded boutique. They offered a variety of styles, but mostly featured vintage dresses with lots of beads and crystals, and not many dresses in my budget. They didn’t rush us, but at the same the place felt stuffy. I wasn’t planning on buying nothing that day, and didn’t find anything there I was interested in buying that was in my budget.

Davids bridal was a completely different experience. I could tell quickly that I didn’t like the quality of their dresses, the a lady in charge of helping me, or the under garments they made me wear. I tried on a few dresses but was happy with none of them. We left the store with no plans of returning.

Needless to say, I was hesitant on going dress shopping again, but I knew I needed to pick out a dress soon. It’s difficult when stores never have your exact size and everything will need altered; it’s hard to get the vision of the dress with orange clamps holding everything in place. But I rounded up my mom, Aunt Brenda, and cousin Audra to go with me for round two. I had an appointment at D’Anelli’s http://www.coloradobridal.com and The Bridal Collection http://thebridalcollection.com.

I had heard very good things about D’Anelii’s and many people who found their dress there. My consultant was a lovely lady with a British accent who was knowledgable, friendly, and honest-exactly what I needed. Quickly I could trust her and we picked out 6 dresses to try. Right away the dresses fit better and were what I imagined. I narrowed it down to two very different and unique dresses.

The Bridal Collection was a newer shop near Park Meadows mall. They also had many choices. My consultant was friendly and showed me many different styles. Again I narrowed it down to two. Because it’s October, they are offering 10% off, so I need to decide quickly.

It was such a fun day. At both places, I felt special and beautiful and was given undivided attention. I would recommend either place for future brides. I’m excited to return later this week to get THE dress! One more thing to check off our To-Do list…..

Save the dates!

Phil and I were so excited to get our Save the Dates, that we didn’t wait very long until we sent them out. So much our of wedding planning so far as been abstracts with just ideas and visions and Pinterest boards, this was the first thing we have planned that we could actually see and hold on to. And they turned out exactly like we pictured! We are very happy with the results.

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