Looking for a caterer was a big daunting task I put off doing for months. This is where the majority of our wedding costs will go and I knew it was a big decision that would take a lot of research and time. We filled out online requests for four different companies and got four different proposals. We read yelp reviews and made our own judgments based on their total costs, their promptness in emailing, and other nitpicky items. While most of the proposal requests were done online, I had to do one in person, at Rocky Mountain catering. As someone who does not always notice the “little details”, I DID NOT come to this meeting prepared. this is a sampling of how conversations went:

Caterer: now would you like to have spoons as part of your table setting.?they would be an extra cost.
Me: yeah, of course! why wouldn’t we want spoons at the table!
Caterer: no one ever gets spoons, no one ever uses them
Me: well then no, of course we don’t want spoons. Why would we do that?

I have never noticed if there are spoons at a wedding table settings, I don’t remember if the glasses were plastic or glass, if the napkins were linen or paper. And I hope for our wedding, people will not notice or judge the little details, but remember the overall theme and love of the evening.

After we got the proposal, we went to a tasting. Now that was fun! We really enjoyed our meal and have faith that it’ll be just as tasty on June 6.

The lady in changes of our catering team is honest, professional, and personable. She offers inside info on where/how to buy the linens instead of renting, and let’s us know what would work best when we have no idea what to choose. She has catered at our locations thousands of times and that in itself is a felling of relief. I never realized just how much the cater does during an event; her team will set up tables, chairs, decorations, and all the clean up after.

We are confident in this caterer and happy with our choice. We are looking forward to feeding our friends and family with good food!

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