What’s your vision?

What’s your colors? What’s your vision?

When people know you are planning a wedding, that is always their first question, “what are your colors?” I stumble through my answer, saying I don’t want to have a set color, I like garden tones (whatever that is), maybe pinks or oranges or coral…. Clearly I must be the worst bride ever. But in all honesty, I don’t like the look of a set color, where everything from the grooms vest, to the napkins, to the colors to the bridesmaids dresses are the same color. It looks generic and not natural and not my style. But when I try to formulate a response to that question. I sound like I don’t have anything at all planned out.
This past weekend, I spent time at my parents house. I brought home three large wedding projects that I was excited to start working on – the marquee letters, the map, and some chalkboard signs. About halfway through the evening, my mom stopped me and said “what’s your vision with all this?” I stumble through some response similar to above saying I just wanted a garden type atmosphere, formal but comfortable, etc. sounding again like the worst bride ever. The more we talked, the more I felt like my wedding was going to look like a mishmash of DIY projects that don’t go together at all.  But finally after talking specifically about how I wanted things to look and where things could go, my sister decided my vision was “Classy yet bohemian, muted colors with bright accents”. That, to some people, might again sound like I can’t make up my mind for the “vision”; but to me, it is exactly how I see the venue.

Fast forward a month later

The bridesmaids dresses are picked out. So now I can actually say I have a “color” and that color is Coral, also known as “Firecracker” to the company who names the dress fabric.

Now I’m struggling with another aspect to our vision…how to incorporate the mix of cultures at the wedding. Now, we HAVE talked about this matter in the larger sense. We have thought about our life together with the mix of cultures. We have also planned out how to handle the mix of cultures in the ceremony and have some exciting plans. But we have not figured out how to handle the decoration/favors/centerpieces/etc. The venue is in Colorado in a log cabin and feels very “colorado-y”. However I want to incorporate as much of Phil’s culture as my own, but still make this day uniquely “us” as well. I’ve googled Rustic/Taiwanese weddings and come up with nothing…surprise surprise. Maybe if we would have had a wedding planner, this could be something we would have told her to handle. but we don’t. So it is all on us to figure out. I’m excited about the ideas people (mostly our mothers) have given us. This will not just be any “cookie-cutter” wedding for sure. And that makes me excited.

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