DIY Marquee Letters

Step 1. Cut out letters from plywood or particle board. We used particle board. We used a band saw to cut the wood. We got the particle board at Home Depot and the globe lights at Target. I ended up having to buy another strand of lights from I used my Promethian Board (a fancy projector) at school and butcher paper to make a paper template for the letters. I traced it on the wood and my dad helped cut them out. The P and S are about 2 feet tall and the & is about 1 foot tall.


Step 2. Draw a line down the middle of the letter with pencil.


Step 3. Decide of how far apart you would like the hole for the light bulbs. Based on the size of the light bulbs I had, I chose 1.5 in. Because of the curve of the letters. I had to use a 1.5 in piece of yarn to mark the spots to drill the hole.


Step 4. Drill holes. Because the green base for each bulb angled and with a clip, it was difficult to find the right size of hole. Our holes are a little too big for the bulbs, but any smaller the they wouldn’t fit in.


Step 5. Unscrew each light bulb and place the backside through the hole. Then screw in the bulb.


Traditionally, marquee letters have a metal border to reflect the light. We toyed with this idea, but our letters have too many curves and we thought they look good without the metal lining. I painted the sides silver to give them a finishing touch. I painted the front an ivory white. Because of the length of cord between each light, I had to duct tape the cord down in the back of the letters.

The finished product!  I think these will look great on a mantle of one of the fireplaces in the venue or near the dance floor!


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