The time trap of wedding planning

It’s easy to get caught up in the hubbub of wedding planning. Between Pinterest giving me all sorts of wedding ideas (with unlimited budgets mind you!) and everyone who has gotten married giving me their two cents, wedding planning has taken over all dinner conversations and weekend plans. I send Phil lists to be updated, he lets me know where we are in our budget; we bicker, we discuss, we disagree, we agree, we get excited, and we make big decisions for our big day. We can see why people elope; wedding planning can be extremely stressful. Wedding planning has pretty much taken over every aspect our daily lives. I think of the wedding constantly: on my drive to work, in my free time I browse Pinterest and Etsy, whenever I talk to my mom I ask her about my new idea for the wedding.
It’s constant.
And why shouldn’t it be? It’s only going to happen once! I lived up my single life. I have filled up my passport visiting countries and learning about different cultures. I’ve earned a graduate degree, created a successful career for myself and I have discovered who I am, independently of anyone else. And so has Phil.
Sometimes we joke that we should’ve met each other five years sooner, but I do not regret not meeting Phil when I was younger…and I know he shares the same sentiment. I am proud of who we are an individuals and what that means for us as a couple. Being together didn’t make us happy, we were both happy before we met each other. But being together definitely makes us happier! And that’s what we’re so excited to plan a great wedding weekend for all of our friends and family that are coming to Denver.
Our wedding won’t make its way into any wedding magazines, but it will be a reflection of who we are as two individuals becoming one unit. And at the end of the day, that’s what is most important about the wedding. Not the place settings or the center piece or the song I walk down the aisle to. Our expression of our love for each other and vowing to love each other for the rest of our lives is what matters the most.
But still…I’ll keep checking out Pinterest for great ideas for the wedding

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