Sara and I were recently in California for a family vacation with my parents, my sister and my sister’s family. On our way out of Solvang and on our way up to Morro Bay, my parents suggested that we stop by a “small ostrich farm.” I scoffed at the idea, but they convinced me to pull over and check out the farm.

For a mere $6 per person, we got to see and feed the ostriches. Those dumb birds were surprisingly tall and strong!

If you’re ever in central California, I highly recommend the pit stop to see the ostriches. And don’t worry – they don’t raise these birds for meat, just for their eggs.

OstrichLand-4 OstrichLand-3 OstrichLand-2 OstrichLand-1

2 thoughts on “Ostrichland

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  2. I nearly choked on my water as I read ‘those dumb birds were surprisingly tall and strong’. Cannot wait to read more about the life + adventures of the Wang family!